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Enjoy our Christmas Cavalrite Kidz Update.
It's the highlight of our year.
If you'd like your Cavalrite Kid included, email photos to us at
A note about Cavalier King Charles colours - do not be duped by unscrupulous & irresponsible breeders !!!!
Social media has been bombarded lately by unscrupulous and irresponsible breeders and owners promoting their supposedly 'rare, other coloured' Cavalier puppies and dogs as pure Cavaliers, and no doubt charging the poor public through the nose in the process.   We feel its our duty to advise our visitors of the truth of these claims.
There are only FOUR colours in the purebred Cavalier as shown below and as per the Breed Standard which can be viewed on our Cavalier History page of this website.   The colours are Blenheim, Tri, Black and Tan and Ruby.    The Cavalier DNA does not carry the Brown or Chocolate gene, therefore any dog or puppy that is chocolate or brown cannot be a purebred Cavalier.   Nor are yellow or green eyes part of a Cavalier, or pink noses.
Our objection is with the unscrupulous and irresponsible breeding practices seemingly focussed on these supposedly 'rare and other' colours and promoting them as purebred dogs when they cannot be purebred, and duping the general public in the process.    Claims that the colours are accepted in other countries are also false in that any puppy that manages to be registered by the canine control councils is noted as 'CNR', which denotes 'Colour Not Recognised'.    This of course is not mentioned in claims being made.    Little, if any, mention is made of the correctness of the dogs and puppies, or health testing.
Be careful and be informed.
Blenheim - Rich chestnut markings well broken up, on pearly white ground. Markings evenly divided on head, leaving room between ears for much valued lozenge mark or spot (a unique characteristic of the breed).
Tricolour - Black and white well spaced, broken up, with tan markings over eyes, cheeks, inside ears, inside legs, and on underside of tail.
Black and Tan - Raven black with tan markings above the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest and legs and underside of tail. Tan should be bright. White marks undesirable.
Ruby - Whole coloured rich red. White markings undesirable.
Welcome to our Website
While we are absolutely delighted for our clients and dogs that have 'survived the ambush' and achieved varying success in the showring - this website is in no way meant as a vehicle to display our success or notariety.  It is meant to be informative and is based on what I would like to know when researching and searching for a puppy, as well as covering the questions I have been asked over the years. 
It has also evolved to be a source of updating our extended families who keep tabs on the Cavalrite news from time to time.
For those who appreciate and enjoy our website - you're very welcome, we enjoy doing it for you.
Please scroll down to let us introduce you to our establishment.
Please note:    We rarely have puppies readily available, simply because they are offered to our screened waiting list first.  On the rare occasion that we do have a puppy readily available, it will be listed on our 'Current Litters' page - see index to the left.
Criticism: Proof that you have done something worth attracting attention
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Website regularly updated
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. 
Prior to being included in our breeding programme, our beautiful dogs are Health Tested (eyes and heart) as per our Specialists' recommendations, DNA tested, and Health Certified as to general health at least annually.   Younger dogs are not introduced into our breeding programme until such time as they are physically and emotionally mature enough, and then only once their specialist health certification is achieved.
All our dogs (both young and old) are free running in grassed and treed areas, not in cages or pens, have their every need met willingly and lovingly and our mothers are rested well between litters, and retired at a young age, sometimes after only one or two litters.   For this reason we have a number of younger kids coming up the ranks, but the number of dogs who are actively involved in our breeding programme at the one time is limited. 
Visitors often comment on how happy and healthy our dogs are - as each and every one of them lines up for cuddles having thoroughly welcomed the braver visitors who have gone in to interact with them.  It's definitely Cavi love en masse and with gusto.
While there are those in the show or breeding fraternity that may not agree with our chosen matings, just as we may not agree with theirs, we know where we want to go with our breeding programme and the matings we do are part of a well researched breeding plan.  We will not use a dog for breeding if it is found to have health problems or throws faults which are undesirable.  Nor will we use a dog for breeding if it is not robust and healthy or if it is unwilling or unsuited to breeding.
We also firmly believe that pet families have equal right to have a healthy, quality, well-bred puppy, and do not view puppy families as a means of off-loading inferior or 'sub-standard' puppies.  Indeed the provision of quality puppies to pet families by responsible registered breeders gives those families the option NOT to purchase from pet shops or puppy farmers.  
The defaming of responsible registered breeders who provide puppies for all families, not just for show homes, or for their own showing purposes is a ridiculous and childish practice usually coming from those who have not had first hand knowledge of those they are maligning directly or indirectly.   
Our well adjusted puppies are also Health Certified, properly and lovingly raised, initially in temperature controlled, comfy, clean and tidy conditions with classical music wafting over them, and doting mothers who are totally and utterly spoilt with breakfast in bed on demand - yes we admit it, our dogs and babies are spoilt rotten.   Once puppies are up and around, they move from their nursery into our living room where they have access to a tiled, covered verandah and onto the lawn.    By the time they go to their new homes, they believe that every human is going to love and adore them as much as we do.
And lastly, we do show, as and when we can, which is not often simply because the wellbeing of our dogs will take first priority over showing accolades simply because we care about our dogs.    Our dogs are, however, appearing in the ring as well as going to non-show homes.    We are supporters of, and  accredited with Dogs Qld Breeder Accreditation Scheme.  
Young puppies are raised in our living room with access to undercover and grass outside
The grown ups.
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About our Website and Facilities  
We have endeavoured to make this site informative for you in all ways.  
We have chosen to breed our favourite breed - Cavaliers which, in our view,cannot be surpassed for their adaptability, joy of life and people loving natures.   If you’ve already had a Cavalier as a member of your family, then you don’t need an explanation.   If you’re contemplating the addition of one  into your family, you will possibly be making a choice you certainly won’t regret.
We are situated on forty acres atop of a mountain 35 minutes north of Gympie, Queensland and our dogs are kept and raised in beautiful rural surroundings, with million dollar views.   Whether they appreciate the views is questionable, but they certainly enjoy the fresh air and grass to romp on.  Their every need is catered for without question.
Our mothers have maternity ensuites in our living room, complete with outside yards.   They and their babies are spoiled rotten and love every minute of it.
Once puppies are up and around and on the way to weaning, they have access to the verandah (under cover) and grass romping areas.   By the time they go to their new homes, they are practically house trained preferring to go outside for toilets.   They are also well-socialised and familiar with household noises and activities.
We take great care in choosing our foundation dogs, researching the health and true type of each new dog that we might purchase from time to time.   
Our breeding is done in-house as that allows us to more opportunity to 'know' the outcomes and to ensure that our breeding programme is continually monitored for health and quality.   This necessitates owning and caring properly for a number of dogs to ensure that correct principles of breeding are maintained.  
Each and every one of our dogs is properly loved (first and foremost), cared for and maintained.   Our dogs' wellbeing comes first, above all else, including show accolades.
We encourage puppies' new families to visit whenever they can and welcome a pre-inspection of our dogs and surroundings prior to choosing a puppy (by appointment only, time permitting, and following the receipt of a completed inquiry form).
Please bear in mind that a pre-inspection visit may not always be possible given that we have a very busy day caring for all our charges, and I will not allow a soon to be mother, or new mother to be stressed by the appearance of visitors.    It is also our private dwelling that you are visiting.
For this reason, we have made our website as informative as possible depicting all our facilities and dogs clearly.
We have families often calling to visit their puppies once they are over 4 weeks old in order to build a rapport and on these visits families are introduced to both parents and can interact with all of our dogs as and if they wish to.
We carefully screen new families and required agreements as noted on our puppy page.  Whenever possible, we will take puppies to Brisbane for collection and welcome families who are wishing to visit with their puppies prior to taking delivery.
Please feel free to check out our site and also feel free to contact us at anytime
We also act as a Foster Home for the RSPCA from time to time
whenever we are able to be of assistance.